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Speech AI Technology Enables Natural Interactions with Service Robots

From taking your order and serving you food in a restaurant to playing poker with you, service robots are becoming increasingly prevalent. Globally, you can... 9 MIN READ
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Low-Code Building Blocks for Speech AI Robotics

When examining an intricate speech AI robotic system, it’s easy for developers to feel intimidated by its complexity. Arthur C. Clarke claimed, “Any... 8 MIN READ
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Building Cloud-Native, AI-Powered Avatars with NVIDIA Omniverse ACE

Explore the AI technology powering Violet, the interactive avatar showcased this week in the NVIDIA GTC 2022 keynote. Learn new details about NVIDIA Omniverse... 8 MIN READ
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Essential Guide to Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

Over the past decade, AI-powered speech recognition systems have slowly become part of our everyday lives, from voice search to virtual assistants in contact... 11 MIN READ
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Simplify AI Model Development with the Latest TAO Toolkit Release

Today, NVIDIA announced the general availability of the latest version of the TAO Toolkit. As a low-code version of the NVIDIA Train, Adapt and Optimize (TAO)... 3 MIN READ
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Building an Edge Strategy: Cost Factors

The growth in Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise adoption of AI has led to a renewed focus on edge computing. Organizations are looking to capitalize on... 10 MIN READ