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Real-time Serving for XGBoost, Scikit-Learn RandomForest, LightGBM, and More

The success of deep neural networks in multiple areas has prompted a great deal of thought and effort on how to deploy these models for use in real-world... 7 MIN READ
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Sparse Forests with FIL

Introduction The RAPIDS Forest Inference Library, affectionately known as FIL, dramatically accelerates inference (prediction) for tree-based models, including... 6 MIN READ
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Accelerating Random Forests Up to 45x Using cuML

Random forests are a popular machine learning technique for classification and regression problems. By building multiple independent decision trees, they reduce... 13 MIN READ
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Bias Variance Decompositions using XGBoost

This blog dives into a theoretical machine learning concept called the bias variance decomposition. This decomposition is a method which examines the expected... 13 MIN READ