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Harnessing the NVIDIA Ada Architecture for Frame-Rate Up-Conversion in the NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK

The NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK 4.0 is now available, enabling you to fully harness the new NVIDIA Optical Flow Accelerator on the NVIDIA Ada architecture with... 4 MIN READ
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Evolving Record-Fast Optoelectronic Chips for Data Center Networks

Spearheading research in very high-speed silicon nanophotonics/plasmonics, the European plaCMOS project has reached a successful conclusion. The 51-month... 2 MIN READ
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AV1 Encoding and Optical Flow: Video Performance Boosts and Higher Fidelity on the NVIDIA Ada Architecture

Announced at GTC 2022, the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs—the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series, NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation, and NVIDIA L40 for data... 7 MIN READ
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Accelerate OpenCV: Optical Flow Algorithms with NVIDIA Turing GPUs

OpenCV is a popular open-source computer vision and machine learning software library with many computer vision algorithms including identifying objects,... 7 MIN READ
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An Introduction to the NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK

NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs  introduced a new hardware functionality for computing optical flow between images with very high performance. The Optical Flow SDK 1.0... 11 MIN READ