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Upcoming Workshop: Model Parallelism: Building and Deploying Large Neural Networks (EMEA)

Learn how to train the largest of deep neural networks and deploy them to production. < 1
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Accelerated Inference for Large Transformer Models Using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

This is the first part of a two-part series discussing the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server’s FasterTransformer (FT) library, one of the fastest libraries for... 10 MIN READ
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Deploying GPT-J and T5 with NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

This is the second part of a two-part series about NVIDIA tools that allow you to run large transformer models for accelerated inference. For an introduction to... 16 MIN READ
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Adapting P-Tuning to Solve Non-English Downstream Tasks

With the increasing demand for access to pretrained large language model (LLM) weights, the climate around LLM sharing is changing. Recently, Meta released Open... 15 MIN READ
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Generating Synthetic Data with Transformers: A Solution for Enterprise Data Challenges

Big data, new algorithms, and fast computation are three main factors that make the modern AI revolution possible. However, data poses many challenges for... 8 MIN READ
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Insider’s Guide to GTC: Computer Vision, NLP, Recommenders, and Robotics

Looking for different topic areas? Keep an eye out for our other posts! Join us at GTC, March 21-24, to explore the latest technology and research across AI,... 6 MIN READ