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New cuBLAS 12.0 Features and Matrix Multiplication Performance on NVIDIA Hopper GPUs

The NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, based on the NVIDIA Hopper architecture with the fourth generation of NVIDIA Tensor Cores, recently debuted delivering... 10 MIN READ
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Accelerating Python Applications with cuNumeric and Legate

cuNumeric is a library that aims to provide a distributed and accelerated drop-in replacement for the NumPy API that supports all NumPy features, such as... 13 MIN READ
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Just Released: NVIDIA HPC SDK v23.1

Version 23.1 of the NVIDIA HPC SDK introduces CUDA 12 support, fixes, and minor enhancements. < 1
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NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip Architecture In Depth

NVIDIA Grace CPU is the first data center CPU developed by NVIDIA. By combining NVIDIA expertise with Arm processors, on-chip fabrics, System-on-Chip (SoC)... 9 MIN READ
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CUDA 12.0 Compiler Support for Runtime LTO Using nvJitLink Library

CUDA Toolkit 12.0 introduces a new nvJitLink library for Just-in-Time Link Time Optimization (JIT LTO) support. In the early days of CUDA, to get maximum... 14 MIN READ
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Year In Review: Trending Posts of 2022

Marking a year of new and evolving technologies, 2022 produced wide-ranging advancements and AI-powered solutions across industries. These include boosting HPC... 4 MIN READ