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Using Fortran Standard Parallel Programming for GPU Acceleration

We present lessons learned from refactoring a Fortran application to use modern do concurrent loops in place of OpenACC for GPU acceleration. 12 MIN READ
Computational fluid dynamics tools, such as those used in vehicle aerodynamics, can be used to evaluate the drag produced by a designed surface which has direct implications on vehicle performance.
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The Computational Fluid Dynamics Revolution Driven by GPU Acceleration

The end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 saw the two largest commercial CFD tool vendors, Ansys and Siemens, both launch versions of their flagship CFD tools with support for GPU acceleration. 11 MIN READ
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Optimizing Enterprise IT Workloads with NVIDIA-Certified Systems

Choose from a range of workload-specific validated configurations for GPU-accelerated servers and workstations. 6 MIN READ
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Neural Network Generates Global Tree Height Map, Reveals Carbon Stock Potential

Using remote sensing and an ensemble of convolutional neural networks, the study could guide sustainable forest management and climate mitigation efforts. 5 MIN READ
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Building Scientifically Accurate Digital Twins Using Modulus with Omniverse and AI

The latest release features Omniverse integration for interactive visualization, new AI architectures to accelerate the scientific simulations using data, and more. 4 MIN READ
The NVIDIA HGX H100 is a key GPU server building block powered by the Hopper architecture.
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Introducing NVIDIA HGX H100: An Accelerated Server Platform for AI and High-Performance Computing

Introducing the NVIDIA HGX H100, a key GPU server building block powered by the Hopper architecture. 6 MIN READ