Biomolecular structure
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Predict Protein Structures and Properties with Biomolecular Large Language Models

The NVIDIA BioNeMo service is now available for early access. At GTC Fall 2022, NVIDIA unveiled BioNeMo, a domain-specific framework and service for training... 3 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Healthcare & Life Sciences Developer Summit November 10, 2022

A virtual event designed for healthcare developers and startups, this summit on November 10, 2022 offers a full day of technical talks to reach developers and... < 1
Image Credit: Insilico Medicine
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Insilico Medicine Identifies Therapeutic Targets for ALS With AI

Drug discovery startup Insilico Medicine—alongside researchers from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, and... 3 MIN READ
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Accelerated Computing Holds the Key to Democratized Drug Discovery

The field of drug discovery is at a fascinating inflection point. The physics of the problem are understood and calculable, yet quantum mechanical calculations... 6 MIN READ
Molecular structure graphic.
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OpenEye Scientific’s OMEGA Generates 3D Molecular Conformers for Drug Design 30X Faster with NVIDIA

Computational molecular design involves compute-intense calculations that require exceptional processing power.  Whether working in pharmaceuticals,... 3 MIN READ
Graphic of COVID-19 virus.
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AI Model Predicts Drug Synergies for Fighting COVID-19

A new study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) could arm healthcare workers with the information needed to effectively treat COVID-19... 3 MIN READ