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NVIDIA Releases Updates and New Features in CUDA-X AI Software

Learn what’s new CUDA-X AI— a deep learning software stack for researchers and developers to build GPU-accelerated applications. 4 MIN READ
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Rapid Data Pre-Processing with NVIDIA DALI

NVIDIA Data Loading Library is an open-source project and can help you accelerate data pre-processing for DL application. 13 MIN READ
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Machine Learning Frameworks Interoperability, Part 3: Zero-Copy in Action using an E2E Pipeline

Part 3 of this series covers implementation of an end-to-end pipeline, demonstrating techniques for optimal data transfer across data science frameworks. 7 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Research: Auditing AI Models for Verified Deployment under Semantic Specifications

Learn about how AuditAI increases safety and ethical use of deep learning models during deployment. 7 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Research: Tensors Are the Future of Deep Learning

Read about tensor methods, how they are used in NVIDIA, and how they are central to the next generation of AI algorithms. 5 MIN READ
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Announcing Nsight Deep Learning Designer 2021.1 - A Tool for Efficient Deep Learning Model Design and Development

NVIDIA announces Nsight DL Designer – the first in-class integrated development environment to support efficient design of deep neural networks for in-app… 3 MIN READ