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Identifying the Best AI Model Serving Configurations at Scale with NVIDIA Triton Model Analyzer

This post presents an overview of NVIDIA Triton Model Analyzer and how it can be used to find the optimal AI model-serving configuration to satisfy application requirements. 11 MIN READ
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The Future of Computer Vision

Demonstrate your computer vision expertise by mastering cloud services, AutoML, and Transformer architectures. 9 MIN READ
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Accelerating High-Volume Manufacturing for Inverse Lithography Technology

Learn about our joint effort in porting the ILT engine to GPU. We also identify future areas for EDA and mask inspection tool vendors to address for ILT to be adopted at logic foundries. 6 MIN READ
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Fast Fine-Tuning of AI Transformers Using RAPIDS Machine Learning

Find out how RAPIDS and the cuML support vector machine can achieve faster training time and maximum accuracy when fine-tuning transformers. 7 MIN READ
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Choosing a Server for Deep Learning Training

Learn about the characteristics of various accelerated workload categories and the system features needed to run them. 8 MIN READ
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Training a Recommender System on DGX A100 with 100B+ Parameters in TensorFlow 2

Learn how using the combination of model parallel and data parallel enables practitioners to train large-scale recommender systems in minutes instead of days. 13 MIN READ