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Mastering String Transformations in RAPIDS libcudf

Efficient processing of string data is vital for many data science applications. To extract valuable information from string data, RAPIDS libcudf provides... 17 MIN READ
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Boosting Data Ingest Throughput with GPUDirect Storage and RAPIDS cuDF

If you work in data analytics, you know that data ingest is often the bottleneck of data preprocessing workflows. Getting data from storage and decoding it can... 14 MIN READ
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Prototyping Faster with the Newest UDF Enhancements in the NVIDIA cuDF API

Over the past few releases, the NVIDIA cuDF team has added several new features to user-defined functions (UDFs) that can streamline the development process... 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing Access to Parquet Data with fsspec

As datasets continue to grow in size, the adoption of cloud-storage platforms like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage (GCS) are becoming more popular. Although... 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating Trustworthy AI for Credit Risk Management

On April 21, 2021, the EU Commission of the European Union issued a proposal for a regulation to harmonize the rules governing the design and marketing of AI... 12 MIN READ
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Deep Learning vs Machine Learning Challenger Models for Default Risk with Explainability

Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers often face the dilemma of “machine learning compared to deep learning” classifier usage for their business... 18 MIN READ