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Advancing Autonomous Valet Functionality with Parking Sign Assist

Autonomous parking involves complex perception algorithms. We present an AI-based parking sign assist system relying on live perception that can fuse to map systems. 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating the Pony AV Sensor Data Processing Pipeline

Here's how Pony, which develops autonomous driving systems for robotaxis and trucks, uses GPU technology to develop a highly efficient data processing pipeline. 18 MIN READ
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Discover Industry Breakthroughs Using AI Technology at Microsoft Build 2022

Join Microsoft Build 2022 to learn how NVIDIA AI technology solutions are transforming industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. 3 MIN READ
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Upcoming Webinar: Optimizing DNN Inference with NVIDIA TensorRT on DRIVE Orin

Join an upcoming webinar highlighting the newest features of NVIDIA TensorRT and learn how to optimize inference engines for production on the Orin AI platform. < 1
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Latest Releases and Resources: Feb. 3-10

Redesigned nvCOMP 2.2.0; gain conversational AI, vehicle routing, or CUDA Python skills; learn how Metropolis boosts go-to-market efforts; find solutions for AI inference deployment. 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Jetson-based Robots Excel in DARPA Underground Competition

With NVIDIA Jetson embedded platforms, teams at the DARPA SubT Challenge detected objects with both high accuracy and high throughput. 6 MIN READ