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Graphics / Simulation

NVIDIA CloudXR 3.0 Delivers Support for Bidirectional Audio to Enhance Immersive Collaboration

NVIDIA CloudXR provides a powerful edge computing platform for extended reality. Built on NVIDIA RTX technology, CloudXR is an advanced streaming technology… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA Research: Fast Uncertainty Quantification for Deep Object Pose Estimation

Researchers from NVIDIA, University of Texas at Austin and Caltech developed a simple, efficient, and plug-and-play uncertainty quantification method for the 6… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive - Top Resources from GTC 21

The annual DRIVE Developer Days was held during GTC 2021, featuring a series of specialized sessions on AV development led by NVIDIA experts. 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Research at CVPR 2021

The nearly 30 accepted papers from NVIDIA range from simulating dynamic driving environments, to powering neural architecture search for medical imaging. 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

New on NGC: MATLAB R2021a Container for Ampere GPUs Fast Tracks Deep Learning and Scientific Computing

The latest version provides full support for running deep learning, automotive and scientific analysis on NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs. < 1
AI / Deep Learning

BMW Brings Together Art, Artificial Intelligence for Virtual Installation Using NVIDIA StyleGAN

BMW unveiled a virtual art installation that projects AI-generated artwork onto a virtual rendition of the automaker’s 8 Series Gran Coupe. 3 MIN READ