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Explainer: What Is AI Computing?

AI computing is the work of machine learning systems and software, sifting through mountains of data to reveal useful insights and generate new capabilities. < 1
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NVIDIA Jetson Project of the Month: An AI-Powered Autonomous Miniature Race Car Gets on Track

The 65th annual Daytona 500 will take place on February 19, 2023 and for many this elite NASCAR event is the pinnacle of the car racing world. For now, there... 5 MIN READ
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Validating Active Sensors in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim

Autonomous vehicle development is all about scale. Engineers must collect and label massive amounts of data to train self-driving neural networks.  This... 2 MIN READ
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Explainer: What’s the Difference Between Level 2 and Level 5 Autonomy?

To define the path to fully realized autonomy, the Society of Automotive Engineers (better known as SAE International) detailed six categories of... < 1
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Updated Course: Integrating Sensors with NVIDIA DRIVE

Learn how to integrate your sensor of choice for NVIDIA DRIVE. This updated self-paced course now uses DriveWorks 5.8 and includes lidar examples. < 1
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Explainer: What Is Active Learning?

Finding the right self-driving training data doesn’t have to take a swarm of human labelers. < 1