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AWS Announces New GPU-Accelerated EC2 Instances and Networking Enhancements

Today At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services, announced a brand new GPU instance offering for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).The new P3dn GPU instances are ideal for distributed machine learning and high-performance computing applications. The instances are comprised of NVIDIA Tesla Tensor Core V100 GPUs each with 32GB of memory.
“This enables developers to linearly scale their model training performance across multiple instances, accelerate preprocessing and remove data transfer bottlenecks, and rapidly improve the quality of their machine learning models,” the Amazon team highlighted in a press release.
The new GPU instances feature 100 Gbps networking throughput and enable scale-out of distributed workload for HPC and machine learning training.
“With 2x the GPU memory and 1.5x as many vCPUs as p3.16xlarge instances, these instances will allow you to explore bigger and more complex deep learning algorithms, render 3D images, transcode video in real time, model financial risks, and much more,” said Chief Evangelist for AWS Jeff Barr.
According to Amazon, the new P3dn instances deliver a 4x increase in network throughput compared to existing P3 instances.

“P3dn instances will be the most powerful GPU instances in the cloud for machine learning training,” the Amazon team stated. “ P3 instances already help customers accelerate machine learning model training time from several days to a few hours, and with the 100 Gbps networking performance of the new larger size P3dn instances, customers can further lower their training times to less than an hour by distributing their machine learning workload across multiple GPU instances.”
The new GPU instances will be available next week.
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