Zenodia Charpy

Zenodia Charpy is a Senior Deep Learning Solution Architect focusing on applying natural language processing and deep learning techniques to tackle challenges for non-English and low-resource languages such as Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian to name a few. She has eight years of solid experience as a data scientist solving real-world problems, building end-to-end solutions both as an in-house data scientist as well as a data science consultant. In her free time, she enjoys walking or running in the forest and doing yoga.
Zenodia Charpy

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Technical Walkthrough 3

Applying Language Model Techniques to Compose AI Music

Language models such as the NVIDIA Megatron-LM and OpenAI GPT-2 and GPT-3 have been used to enhance human productivity and creativity. Specifically, these... 11 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 6

Adapting P-Tuning to Solve Non-English Downstream Tasks

With the increasing demand for access to pretrained large language model (LLM) weights, the climate around LLM sharing is changing. Recently, Meta released Open... 15 MIN READ