Troy Estes

Troy Estes is a product marketing manager in edge and enterprise computing solutions at NVIDIA. Prior to joining the Edge & Enterprise business unit, Troy has worked on marketing campaigns and supporting product GTM in the Autonomous Vehicles business unit and the NVIDIA GRID product group.

Posts by Troy Estes

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New Features and Applications Make Deploying Edge AI Easy with NVIDIA Fleet Command

New trial program enables users to experience brand new Fleet Command features and applications for free. 6 MIN READ
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Accelerated Edge AI with Metropolis and Fleet Command

Securely manage and scale AI apps with Fleet Command. 5 MIN READ
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Deep Learning in Robotic Automation and Warehouse Logistics

Read about how deep learning models are used for an automated pick and place system, a feature more and more advanced warehouses are implementing. 3 MIN READ
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GPU Operator 1.8 Adds Support for HGX and Upgrades

In this post, we look at the new features added in the GPU Operator release 1.8, further simplifying GPU management for various deployment scenarios. 4 MIN READ
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Is IoT Defining Edge Computing? Or is it the Other Way Around?

Edge computing is quickly becoming standard technology for organizations heavily invested in IoT, allowing organizations to process more data and generate better insights. 4 MIN READ
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On-Demand Session: Accelerating Kubernetes with NVIDIA Operators

NVIDIA Operators streamline installing and managing GPUs and NICs on Kubernetes to make the software stack ready to run the most resource-demanding workloads, such as AI, ML, DL, and HPC, in the cloud, data center, and at the edge. 2 MIN READ