Soma Velayutham

Soma Velayutham is the general manager for AI & Telecoms at NVIDIA, where he evangelizes AI adoption and accelerated computing into telecoms and 5G wireless communications. He is a successful serial intrapreneur and product leader with more than 20 years in the software and high-tech industries. He has incubated and launched multiple software products globally for large corporations. He has 11 patents and the full product-lifecycle experience from GTM to R&D.
Soma Velayutham

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Data Center / Cloud

NVIDIA AX800 Delivers High-Performance 5G vRAN and AI Services on One Common Cloud Infrastructure

The pace of 5G investment and adoption is accelerating. According to the GSMA Mobile Economy 2023 report, nearly $1.4 trillion will be spent on 5G CapEx,... 11 MIN READ
Scene with building, car, and cell towers

Driving 5G-Era Innovation with AI and Accelerated Computing

The telecom industry has been pivotal in driving digital transformation across society. For over a century, and from fixed to mobile communications, the... 15 MIN READ

Unlocking New Opportunities with AI Cloud Infrastructure for 5G vRAN

The cellular industry spends over $50 billion on radio access networks (RAN) annually, according to a recent GSMA report on the mobile economy. Dedicated and... 7 MIN READ

Enabling GPU Acceleration in Near-Realtime RAN Intelligent Controllers

The time that it took to discover the COVID-19 vaccine is a testament to the pace of innovation in the healthcare industry. Pace of innovation can be directly... 11 MIN READ