Reynaldo Gomez

Reynaldo Gomez earned his BS in Nuclear Physics from the University of Texas in 2013 and is now earning an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford. He spent three years at Schlumberger WesternGeco as a geophysicist before moving to IBM and eventually landing on the Energy team at NVIDIA. Reynaldo manages the partner ecosystem for the energy vertical with a focus on machine learning, deep learning, and high performance computing.
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Data Center / Cloud

Building Software-Defined Smart Grid Technology

Utilities are challenged to integrate distributed clean energy resources—such as wind farms, rooftop solar, home batteries, and electric vehicles—onto... 9 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Edge Computing Fuels a Sustainable Future for Energy

Each day, energy flows throughout our lives - from the fuel that powers cars and planes, to the gas used for stove top cooking, to the electricity that keeps... 4 MIN READ
A graphic of a male geoscientist sitting at two monitors with an oil rig picture behind him.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Accelerating Geoscience Workflows with High-Performance Virtual Workstations

Whether working remotely or in the office, geoscientists depend on fast access to large and complex datasets to be productive. Yet, up to 40 percent of their... 2 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Reducing Costs with One-Pass Reverse Time Migration

Reverse time migration (RTM) is a powerful seismic migration technique, providing geophysicists with the ability to create accurate 3D images of the... 4 MIN READ