Ram Cherukuri

Ram Cherukuri is a senior product manager for Modulus, the Physics-ML platform for AI in science and engineering . He is also the product manager for DLA software, working with embedded AI developers and was part of the CUDA product management team. Prior to NVIDIA, Ram was a product manager at MathWorks for code generation and verification products for embedded software development, working with automotive and aero-def customers. He holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University and a bachelor’s degree in the same discipline from IIT Bombay.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

Just Released: NVIDIA Modulus v24.04

Modulus v24.04 delivers an optimized CorrDiff model and Earth2Studio for exploring weather AI models. 1 MIN READ
Image of windvanes over water at night.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Just Released: NVIDIA Modulus 24.01

NVIDIA Modulus 24.01 updates distributed utilities and samples for physics informing DeepONet and GNNs. 1 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Just Released: NVIDIA Modulus 23.11

Now available, NVIDIA Modulus 23.11 introduces a diffusion modeling framework and novel architectures. 1 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Launches Science and Engineering Teaching Kit

AI is quickly becoming an integral part of diverse industries, from transportation and healthcare to manufacturing and finance. AI powers chatbots, recommender... 5 MIN READ
A GIF showing a blood flow simulation.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Enabling Greater Patient-Specific Cardiovascular Care with AI Surrogates

A Stanford University team is transforming heart healthcare with near real-time cardiovascular simulations driven by the power of AI. Harnessing... 8 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

AI-Powered Simulation Tools for Surrogate Modeling Engineering Workflows with Siml.ai and NVIDIA Modulus

Simulations are quintessential for complex engineering challenges, like designing nuclear fusion reactors, optimizing wind farms, developing carbon capture and... 6 MIN READ