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Ankit Patel is a senior director at NVIDIA, leading product marketing for software development kits and developer tools. In his 10+ years at NVIDIA, Ankit has worked on virtualization, ray tracing, and AI products. Prior to joining the company, he worked on nonlinear editing and live production switcher products for the media and entertainment industry, holding leadership positions at Matrox Video and Blackmagic Design. Ankit holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and an MBA from Cornell University.
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An illustration representing LLM optimization.
Generative AI / LLMs

NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM Revs Up Inference for Google Gemma 

NVIDIA is collaborating as a launch partner with Google in delivering Gemma, a newly optimized family of open models built from the same research and technology... 4 MIN READ
TensorRTLLM illustration.
Top Stories

NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM Supercharges Large Language Model Inference on NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Large language models (LLMs) offer incredible new capabilities, expanding the frontier of what is possible with AI. However, their large size and unique... 9 MIN READ
Composite image of computational AI designs.
Data Science

SDKs Accelerating Industry 5.0, Data Pipelines, Computational Science, and More Featured at NVIDIA GTC 2023

At NVIDIA GTC 2023, NVIDIA unveiled notable updates to its suite of NVIDIA AI software for developers to accelerate computing. The updates reduce costs in... 10 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

New SDKs Accelerating AI Research, Computer Vision, Data Science, and More

NVIDIA revealed major updates to its suite of AI software for developers including JAX, NVIDIA CV-CUDA, and NVIDIA RAPIDS. To learn about the latest SDK... 7 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Profiling the AI Performance Boost in OptiX 5

OptiX 5.0 introduces a new post-processing feature to denoise images. This denoiser is based on a paper published by NVIDIA research "Interactive Reconstruction... 7 MIN READ