Oleksii Kuchaiev

Oleksii Kuchaiev is a senior applied scientist in the NVIDIA AI Applications group. His primary research focus is deep learning for speech recognition and natural language processing. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked in applied research roles at Apple and Microsoft. Oleksii holds a Ph.D. in information and computer science from University of California, Irvine.
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Conversational AI

Accelerating Conversational AI Research with New Cutting-Edge Neural Networks and Features from NeMo 1.0

NVIDIA NeMo is a conversational AI toolkit built for researchers working on automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP), and... 9 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Jump-start Training for Speech Recognition Models in Different Languages with NVIDIA NeMo

Transfer learning is an important machine learning technique that uses a model's knowledge of one task to make it perform better on another. Fine-tuning is one... 11 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Mixed Precision Training for NLP and Speech Recognition with OpenSeq2Seq

The success of neural networks thus far has been built on bigger datasets, better theoretical models, and reduced training time. Sequential models, in... 11 MIN READ