Nick Stam

Nick is a senior technical marketing director at NVIDIA. His team provides tech support to media and industry analysts, while also generating whitepapers and reviewer collateral. Prior to NVIDIA, Nick worked at PC Magazine USA for many years, and co-founded the ExtremeTech website. Nick has worked in various technical and management positions in the computer industry since 1980.

Posts by Nick Stam


NVIDIA Ampere Architecture In-Depth

Today, during the 2020 NVIDIA GTC keynote address, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new NVIDIA A100 GPU based on the new NVIDIA Ampere GPU… 30 MIN READ
Game Development

Turing Texture Space Shading

Turing GPUs introduce a new shading capability called Texture Space Shading (TSS), where shading values are dynamically computed and stored in a texture as… 6 MIN READ
Game Development

NVIDIA Turing Architecture In-Depth

Fueled by the ongoing growth of the gaming market and its insatiable demand for better 3D graphics, NVIDIA® has evolved the GPU into the world’s leading… 44 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Inside Volta: The World’s Most Advanced Data Center GPU

Today at the 2017 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the new NVIDIA Tesla V100, the most advanced accelerator ever built. 26 MIN READ