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Neal Vaidya is a technical marketing engineer for deep learning software at NVIDIA. He is responsible for developing and presenting developer-focused content on deep learning frameworks and inference solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics from Duke University.
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Generative AI

Seamlessly Deploying a Swarm of LoRA Adapters with NVIDIA NIM

The latest state-of-the-art foundation large language models (LLMs) have billions of parameters and are pretrained on trillions of tokens of input text. They... 11 MIN READ
Llama 3 Performance with NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server
Generative AI

Turbocharging Meta Llama 3 Performance with NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

We're excited to announce support for the Meta Llama 3 family of models in NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, accelerating and optimizing your LLM inference performance. You... 9 MIN READ
An illustration representing NVIDIA NIM.
Generative AI

NVIDIA NIM Offers Optimized Inference Microservices for Deploying AI Models at Scale

The rise in generative AI adoption has been remarkable. Catalyzed by the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2022, the new technology amassed over 100M users within... 6 MIN READ
Generative AI

Mastering LLM Techniques: Inference Optimization

Stacking transformer layers to create large models results in better accuracies, few-shot learning capabilities, and even near-human emergent abilities on a... 25 MIN READ
An illustration representing Nemotron-3-8b model family.
Generative AI

NVIDIA AI Foundation Models: Build Custom Enterprise Chatbots and Co-Pilots with Production-Ready LLMs

Large language models (LLMs) are revolutionizing data science, enabling advanced capabilities in natural language understanding, AI, and machine learning.... 12 MIN READ
Stylized image of a workflow, with nodes labelled LLM, Optimize, and Deploy.
Generative AI

Optimizing Inference on Large Language Models with NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, Now Publicly Available

Today, NVIDIA announces the public release of TensorRT-LLM to accelerate and optimize inference performance for the latest LLMs on NVIDIA GPUs. This open-source... 10 MIN READ