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Marcin Lewandowski has headed many projects in R&D, commercial product design, and medical devices development and certification. He received a master’s in physics followed by a PhD in electronic engineering. He has also authored numerous publications in scientific journals on the medical and industrial applications of ultrasound. Over the course of 25+ years working in ultrasound, electronics, and software development, Marcin has striven to apply his research expertise in projects with a strong potential for innovation and commercialization. Today, he balances his continued work in science with his role as CEO at us4us Ltd., which produces original ultrasound platforms for research, biomedical, and industrial applications.
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Developing End-to-End Real-time Applications with the NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara AGX development kit with the us4R ultrasound development system makes it possible to quickly develop and test a real-time AI processing system... 10 MIN READ