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Kristen Perez is a writer for NVIDIA High-Performance Computing and Accelerated Computing solutions. She focuses on sharing meaningful stories highlighting the performance and research breakthroughs that developers can achieve with NVIDIA products.
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Photo of a flooded town.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

New Video: Pioneering Climate Tech and Mitigating the Impact of Natural Disasters

In 2022, the city of Lismore, Australia bore the brunt of devastating floods, leaving over 3K homes damaged and communities shattered. With $6B in losses, this... 4 MIN READ
Idealized photo of solar panels and wind turbines in the sunshine, with a city in the background.
Data Center / Cloud

Strategies for Maximizing Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data centers are an essential part of a modern enterprise, but they come with a hefty energy cost. To complicate matters, energy costs are rising and the need... 8 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Physics-Informed Machine Learning Platform NVIDIA Modulus Is Now Open Source

Physics-informed machine learning (physics-ML) is transforming high-performance computing (HPC) simulation workflows across disciplines, including computational... 5 MIN READ