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Krishna Vasudevan works as a senior technical marketing engineer in the Networking group at NVIDIA supporting automation. She has 10 years of industry experience with a diverse background in storage systems and network security, having also worked for NetApp and Infoblox. She has worked on multiple automation projects, and she specializes in Ansible, Python, and building various tools. She lives with her family in Bangalore, India.
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Data Center / Cloud

Simplifying Cumulus Linux Migrations

Migrating between major versions of software can present several challenges to the infrastructure management teams: Data format changes Feature deprecations... 5 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Automating Data Center Networks with NVIDIA NVUE and Ansible

Data center automation dates to the early days of the mainframe, with operational efficiency topping the list of its benefits. Over the years, technologies have... 4 MIN READ

Automating Data Center Networks with NVIDIA Cumulus Linux

With evolving and ever-growing data centers, the days of simple networks that remained mostly unchanged are gone. Back then, when a configuration change was... 4 MIN READ