Khoa Ho

Khoa Ho is a product manager at NVIDIA, focusing on AI application frameworks and making AI more broadly accessible. Before joining his current team, he supported NVIDIA system and solution partners as a deep learning solutions architect. Before that, he had different technical and customer-facing roles as part of an NVIDIA rotation program, including solutions architecture, product management, and system software engineering.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Real-Time Vision AI From Digital Twins to Cloud-Native Deployment with NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices and NVIDIA Isaac Sim

As vision AI complexity increases, streamlined deployment solutions are crucial to optimizing spaces and processes. NVIDIA accelerates development, turning... 12 MIN READ
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Optimize Processes for Large Spaces with the Multi-Camera Tracking Workflow

Large areas like warehouses, factories, stadiums, and airports are typically monitored by hundreds of cameras to improve safety and optimize operations.... 11 MIN READ