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Kuntal Chowdhury is the 6G developer relations manager and technical evangelist at NVIDIA. In this role, he drives the relationship with the ecosystem of developers and early adopters of platform and tools offered by NVIDIA to foster a thriving research community towards 6G. Prior to this, he was the founder of BlueFusion, Inc., an innovative sensor fusion and AI startup. Most recently, Kuntal was responsible for building products and solutions at Mavenir using cutting-edge big data analytics, AI/ML-based applications for network automation, and Edge AI applications for 5G enterprise and IoT segments. Before that, Mr. Chowdhury co-founded Altiostar, a vRAN pioneer and was an early employee of Starent Networks, a 3GPP network core innovator. He is a telecommunication industry veteran with decades of experience in various roles such as product management, systems engineering, marketing, business development, standards, and strategy. Prior to Mavenir, Mr. Chowdhury held a strategic role at Cisco Systems where he defined and drove Cisco’s mobile internet strategy. He has contributed to leading standards organizations such as 3GPP, WiMAX, and IETF, authoring numerous technical standards. He also held engineering positions at Nortel and Motorola where he led systems engineering and RF optimization for large-scale deployments of cellular networks around the world. Kuntal has over 50 granted patents and many filed patent applications.
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