Kalyan Meher Vadrevu

Kalyan Vadrevu works on the developer marketing team at NVIDIA focused on Jetson for AI education programs and promoting the work of the Jetson developer community. Prior to NVIDIA, he worked at Microsoft and Nokia on their developer relations and SDK marketing teams. Kalyan graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Posts by Kalyan Meher Vadrevu

Autonomous Machines

Jetson Project of the Month: DeepWay, AI-based navigation aid for the visually impaired

Satinder Singh won the Jetson Project of the Month for DeepWay, an AI-based navigation assistance system for the visually impaired. The project… 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

Jetson Project of the Month: OpenDog, a Gesture Controlled Robot

The project uses the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit to recognize hand gestures and control a robot dog without a controller. 2 MIN READ