Josef Spjut

Josef Spjut is a senior research scientist at NVIDIA working on new human experiences, such as esports and augmented reality. His research interests include computer graphics, ray tracing, video games, and high performance human-computer interaction. Prior to joining NVIDIA, he was a visiting assistant professor in engineering at Harvey Mudd College. Josef received a Ph.D. from the University of Utah and a B.S. from University of California, Riverside, both in computer engineering.

Posts by Josef Spjut

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Improving Player Performance with Low Latency as Evident from FPS Aim Trainer Experiments

In two aim training experiments, results show that lower latency improves player aiming performance, and gives skilled players a better chance to stand out. 16 MIN READ
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Improving Aiming Time on Small FPS Targets with Higher Resolutions and Larger Screen Sizes

Competitive gamers prefer to play at the highest refresh rate possible, but new higher resolution monitors increase aiming performance for small targets. 8 MIN READ
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Aiming Faster in Games with Low Computer System Latency

Figure 1. A screenshot from our experimental FPS game, called First Person Science. Players must aim at and click on the green targets to eliminate them. 6 MIN READ