Jose M. Alvarez

Jose M. Alvarez is a research director at NVIDIA, leading the Autonomous Vehicle Applied Research team. The team maximizes the impact of the latest research advances on the AV product. Research areas include model-centric and data-centric deep learning toward more efficient and scalable systems. Jose completed his Ph.D. in computer science in Barcelona, specializing in road-scene understanding for autonomous driving when datasets were very limited. He also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at NYU under Yann LeCunn.
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GIF of several autonomous driving views.
Generative AI

End-to-End Driving at Scale with Hydra-MDP

Building an autonomous system to navigate the complex physical world is extremely challenging. The system must perceive its environment and make quick, sensible... 5 MIN READ
Using Synthetic Data to Address Novel Viewpoints for AV Perception
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Using Synthetic Data to Address Novel Viewpoints for Autonomous Vehicle Perception

Autonomous vehicles (AV) come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small passenger cars to multi-axle semi-trucks. However, a perception algorithm deployed on... 7 MIN READ