Jonathan Raiman

Jonathan Raiman is a senior research scientist in the NVIDIA Applied Deep Learning Research group working on large-scale distributed reinforcement learning and AI for systems. Previously he was a Research Scientist at OpenAI where he co-created OpenAI Five, a superhuman Deep Reinforcement Learning Dota 2 bot. At Baidu SVAIL, he co-created several neural text-to-speech systems (Deep Voice 1, 2, and 3), and worked on speech recognition (Deep Voice 2), and question answering (Globally Normalized Reader). He is also the creator of DeepType 1, and DeepType 2, a superhuman entity linking system. He is completing his Ph.D. at Paris Saclay, and previously obtained his master’s at MIT.
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Designing Arithmetic Circuits with Deep Reinforcement Learning

As Moore’s law slows down, it becomes increasingly important to develop other techniques that improve the performance of a chip at the same technology process... 9 MIN READ