Joseph Lucas

Joe is a senior offensive security researcher focused on AI at NVIDIA. He is the founder and chair of the NumFOCUS Security Committee and is a member of the Jupyter Security Council. He was one of the architects and hosts of the DEF CON 30 AI Village Capture the Flag competition and is passionate about machine learning security education. He served in the US Army at US Cyber Command and the 101st Airborne Division. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the United States Military Academy.
Joseph Lucas

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Picture of the ML security training classroom at Black Hat USA

AI Red Team: Machine Learning Security Training

At Black Hat USA 2023, NVIDIA hosted a two-day training session that provided security professionals with a realistic environment and methodology to explore the... 4 MIN READ
Data Science

Analyzing the Security of Machine Learning Research Code

The NVIDIA AI Red Team is focused on scaling secure development practices across the data, science, and AI ecosystems. We participate in open-source security... 12 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Mitigating Stored Prompt Injection Attacks Against LLM Applications

Prompt injection attacks are a hot topic in the new world of large language model (LLM) application security. These attacks are unique due to how ‌malicious... 10 MIN READ
Two men working at a desktop computer in an office.

NVIDIA AI Red Team: An Introduction

Machine learning has the promise to improve our world, and in many ways it already has. However, research and lived experiences continue to show this technology... 12 MIN READ
Data Science

Evaluating the Security of Jupyter Environments

How can you tell if your Jupyter instance is secure? The NVIDIA AI Red Team has developed a JupyterLab extension to automatically assess the security of Jupyter... 7 MIN READ
Letters, numbers, and padlocks on black background

Improving Machine Learning Security Skills at a DEF CON Competition

Machine learning (ML) security is a new discipline focused on the security of machine learning systems and the data they are built upon. It exists at the... 8 MIN READ