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Jeremiah Wilke
Jeremiah Wilke is a principal research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories. His background is originally in computational physics, but his research at Sandia has primarily focused on scalable interconnect design through architecture simulation. Recent contributions include static analysis tools for generating workload models of MPI programs, uses of photonics in HPC interconnects, and novel datacenter topologies and routing algorithms. More recently, he has been involved in PGAS models for the Kokkos C++ performance portability library along with designing Kokkos build systems for large-scale deployments.
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By Naoya Maruyama, Brian Van Essen, Jan Ciesko, Jeremiah Wilke, Christian Trott, Chung-Hsing Hsu, Neena Imam, Jim Dinan, Akhil Langer, CJ Newburn and Sreeram Potluri |