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Joseph Boccuzzi is the principal system architect responsible for the NVIDIA Aerial system architecture. He defines NVIDIA Aerial and NVIDIA AI End-to-End deployment options and collaborates closely with the ecosystem to ensure that NVIDIA Aerial delivers a software-defined and highly efficient 5G and AI solution. Before joining NVIDIA, he was the principal 5G architect in Intel defining 5G systems and accelerator designs. He has vast experience in digital communication systems from both the product and applied research perspectives. Joseph holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (minor in mathematics) from New York University and has received over 40 Patent and Innovation awards.
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Building Software-Defined, High-Performance, and Efficient vRAN Requires Programmable Inline Acceleration

In 3GPP fifth generation (5G) cellular standard, layer 1 (L1) or the physical layer (PHY) is the most compute-intensive part of the radio access network (RAN)... 16 MIN READ