Jeremy Appleyard

Jeremy Appleyard is a developer in NVIDIA's European Developer Technology team. Based near Oxford, England, he works with developers accelerating applications on GPUs. He holds a Ph.D in computational fluid dynamics from Cranfield University.

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Programming Tensor Cores in CUDA 9

A defining feature of the new Volta GPU Architecture is its Tensor Cores, which give the Tesla V100 accelerator a peak throughput 12 times the 32-bit floating… 16 MIN READ
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Optimizing Recurrent Neural Networks in cuDNN 5

This week at GTC 2016, we announced the latest update to NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, which now includes cuDNN 5. Version 5 offers new features… 10 MIN READ
GPU Pro Tip
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CUDA Pro Tip: Optimize for Pointer Aliasing

A CUDA pro tip about pointer aliasing and how to use the restrict keyword to avoid performance problems due to aliasing in C and C++ code on CPUs and GPUs. 6 MIN READ