Jakub Pietrzak

Jakub Pietrzak is the chief technology officer at Sky Engine AI. He heads GPU-accelerated research, data science, and machine learning algorithms development. He is a computer vision magician with 15+ years experience in machine learning, ray tracing, and digital image processing. Jakub has worked on deep learning-powered motion-capture systems for the biggest movie studios in Europe and was involved in medical imaging research projects at the Warsaw Center of Oncology. For his Ph.D. Jakub explored the idea of training neural networks on synthetic data and a topic of recreation of machine learning problems in virtual reality.

Posts by Jakub Pietrzak

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Advancing AI Sports Analytics Through the Data-Driven SKY ENGINE AI Platform and NVIDIA RTX

Learn how SKY ENGINE AI simulates rugby games to generate synthetic data to train sports analytics AI models. 11 MIN READ
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Accelerating Model Development and AI Training with Synthetic Data, SKY ENGINE AI platform, and NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

In this post, you learn how you can harness the power of synthetic data by taking preannotated synthetic data and training it on TLT. 8 MIN READ