Hayden Wolff

Hayden Wolff (he/they) is a technical marketing engineer for Enterprise Products at NVIDIA. He works on integrating generative AI and LLMs into real-world applications. Prior to NVIDIA, he graduated from Tufts University with a major in computer science and a minor in science, technology, and society.
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Image of a person sitting at a desk with a computer. Three monitor images float above the desk.
Generative AI / LLMs

RAG 101: Retrieval-Augmented Generation Questions Answered

Data scientists, AI engineers, MLOps engineers, and IT infrastructure professionals must consider a variety of factors when designing and deploying a RAG... 10 MIN READ
Stylized image of a RAG pipeline.
Generative AI / LLMs

RAG 101: Demystifying Retrieval-Augmented Generation Pipelines

Large language models (LLMs) have impressed the world with their unprecedented capabilities to comprehend and generate human-like responses. Their chat... 6 MIN READ