Gary Burnett

Gary is a Solution Architect at NVIDIA on the Professional Visualizations team working in Media and Entertainment. He joined NVIDIA in 2017 after graduating from MIT with degrees in computer science and neuroscience. Gary’s role involves working directly with customers in order to create applications that leverage deep learning for visual effects including image processing, character locomotion, and pose estimation.

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GPU-Accelerated Tools Added to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks v3.6 for Cancer and Germline Analyses

Featuring over 33 accelerated tools for every stage of genomic analysis, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks provides GPU-accelerated bioinformatic pipelines that can scale for any workload. 5 MIN READ
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Object Detection on GPUs in 10 Minutes

Object detection remains the primary driver for applications such as autonomous driving and intelligent video analytics. Object detection applications require… 21 MIN READ