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As VP of Development at NVIDIA, Frank DeLise focuses on the convergence of real-time technology in film, games and simulation. His combination of industry experience and passion for software development is focused on shaping interactive content creation toward the future. Frank is a veteran computer graphics professional with over 20 years of experience as an artist, designer and executive of multimedia entertainment. In the early ‘90s, Frank joined Autodesk to lead the design on 3ds Max, where he interacted with developers to improve the process of making games. His passion for video games led him to start a small indie game development company called Trauma Studios, which was later acquired by DICE, the game developers behind the Battlefield series. At DICE, Frank was responsible for gameplay design and R&D for Battlefield 2, which sold millions of units. In 2005, Frank formed a new studio in NYC that focused on action games for publisher THQ.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

Anyone Can Build Metaverse Applications with New Beta Release of NVIDIA Omniverse

The new beta release of NVIDIA Omniverse is now available with major updates to core reference applications and tools for developers, creators, and novices... 9 MIN READ

New Cloud Applications, SimReady Assets, and Tools for NVIDIA Omniverse Developers Announced at GTC

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Simulation / Modeling / Design

Create 3D Virtual Worlds with New Releases, Expansions, and Toolkits from NVIDIA Omniverse 

Developers, creators, and enterprises around the world are using NVIDIA Omniverse—the real-time collaboration and simulation platform for 3D design—to... 8 MIN READ