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Elias Wolfberg is part of the NVIDIA Executive Communications team, where his primary focus is telling stories about generative AI technology and startups. Before joining NVIDIA, he helped senior executives at Amazon and Microsoft with their executive communication projects. Elias has also worked in Washington, DC, as a political speechwriter and attorney, and, earlier in his career, as a journalist in New York.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

AI-Enhanced Navigation Charts Safer Waters for Massive Ships

Maritime startup Orca AI is pioneering safety at sea with its AI-powered navigation system, which provides real-time video processing to help crews make... 5 MIN READ
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AI Brain Implant Restores Bilingual Communication for Stroke Survivor

Scientists have enabled a stroke survivor, who is unable to speak, to communicate in both Spanish and English by training a neuroprosthesis implant to decode... 3 MIN READ