Eric Pulvino

Eric is the product manager working on NVIDIA Air Data Center Infrastructure Simulation Platform and the user experience across Ethernet switching products. He spent his early time at Cumulus Networks (now part of NVIDIA), building simulation and automation infrastructure in what eventually evolved to become the foundation for NVIDIA Air. Eric is very customer focused, having worked for much of his career in professional services and customer enablement roles deploying, automating, and simulating customer networks.
Eric Pulvino

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Using a Network Digital Twin as an IT Training Tool

As organizations rely on complex network systems to support their operations, the need for well-trained network administrators is becoming increasingly... 3 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Evolving from Network Simulation to Data Center Digital Twin

Digital twins are attracting increasing attention across industries. While the concept is relatively new to many, digital twins are not new to IT, which has for... 5 MIN READ