David Slama

David Slama serves as senior director of marketing for networking at NVIDIA, focusing on high performance computing, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, and the InfiniBand technology. Slama joined Mellanox in 2005 as a SW engineer, and served in several SW management roles until 2020 at Mellanox. He lead Cloud Solutions, Ethernet & InfiniBand SW management, storage, automation solutions, and upstream activities such as Ansible, Kubernetes, OpenStack, puppet, chef, and more. Slama holds a patent in the field of ML and AI for networking. He has an MA in government and a BA in management and computer science.

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Managing Data Centers Securely and Intelligently with NVIDIA UFM Cyber-AI

This developer blog post outlines the advanced features that system administrators can use to quickly detect and respond to potential security threats and upcoming failures, saving costs and ensuring consistent customer service. 6 MIN READ