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Danping Peng got his BS and MS degree from Peking University, Ph.D. from UCLA, all in applied mathematics. At UCLA, he studied under Prof. Stanley Osher on algorithms for level set method and its application in moving boundary problems. After a brief stint in the financial industry, he joined Luminescent, a Silicon Valley start-up founded by Prof. Osher and others as the first engineer and implemented the first ILT software using the level set method, based on his Ph.D. work. He managed the core algorithm team of Luminescent from 2002 to 2005 and became its chief scientist in 2005, CTO in 2010 until its acquisition by Synopsys in 2012 of the mask synthesis business and by KLA in 2014 of the mask inspection business. At KLA, he led the successful integration of Luminescent’s product lines into KLA’s and later built and managed their Advanced Technology Software Team. He joined TSMC in June of 2015 and built its in-house OPC modeling team at San Jose, CA.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Accelerating High-Volume Manufacturing for Inverse Lithography Technology

Inverse lithography technology (ILT) was first implemented and demonstrated in early 2003.  It was created by Danping Peng, while he worked as an engineer... 6 MIN READ