Dotan Levi

Dotan D. Levi leads a team of architects and algorithm developers in the NVIDIA Mellanox CTO group. His topics of interest are time-sensitive networking, and video. He spent last 2.5 years bringing the 5T for 5G technology from vision to silicon and software implantation. He studied electrical engineering in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 16 years ago, and has been studying ever since.
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Scalable PTP stack
Data Center / Cloud

Open Source Time Synchronization Services for Data Center Operators

Applications are increasingly real-time and delay-sensitive, from distributed databases and 5G radio access networks (RANs) to gaming, video streaming,... 7 MIN READ

NVIDIA Supercharges Precision Timing for Facebook’s Next-Generation Time Keeping

NVIDIA ConnectX NIC enables precise timekeeping for social network’s mission-critical distributed applications Facebook is open-sourcing the Open Compute... 6 MIN READ

Transforming Next-Generation Wireless with 5T for 5G and the NVIDIA Aerial SDK

Figure 1. 5G wireless uses an open and cloud-native radio area network (CloudRAN). NVIDIA Mellanox 5T for 5G technology provides a real-time and... 10 MIN READ