Davide Del Testa

Davide Del Testa is a member of the automotive solution architect team at NVIDIA, where he supports customers building autonomous driving architectures based on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. Prior to this role, he was a deep learning research intern at NVIDIA, where he applied deep learning technologies for the development of BB8, NVIDIA’s research vehicle. Davide has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning applied to Telecommunications, where he adopted learning techniques in the areas of network optimization and signal processing. He received his M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy.
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Simulation / Modeling / Design

DRIVE PX Application Development Using Nsight Eclipse Edition

The NVIDIA DRIVE PX AI car computer enables OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, startups and research institutions to accelerate the self-driving car systems... 14 MIN READ
Figure 1: NVIDIA's Lincoln MKV self-driving car.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

End-to-End Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars

In a new automotive application, we have used convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to map the raw pixels from a front-facing camera to the steering commands for... 18 MIN READ