David Bericat

David Bericat is a product manager for Healthcare at NVIDIA, where he leads the Project MONAI Deploy working group to bring AI from research to clinical deployments. His passion is to accelerate health innovation globally translating it to true clinical impact. Previously, David worked at Red Hat, implementing open-source principles at the intersection of AI, cloud, edge computing, and IoT. His proudest moments include hiking to the Everest base camp and playing soccer for 20+ years.
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Data Center / Cloud

Taking AI into Clinical Production with MONAI Deploy

With a wide breadth of open source, accelerated AI frameworks at their fingertips, medical AI developers and data scientists are introducing new algorithms for... 8 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Deploying Healthcare AI Workflows with the NVIDIA Clara Deploy Application Framework (updated)

Figure 1. NVIDIA Clara Deploy SDK in the healthcare ecosystem. The adoption of AI in hospitals is accelerating rapidly. There are many reasons for this. With... 16 MIN READ