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Dr. Davide Benedetto pioneers neurosymbolic AI working on Knowledge Graphs and ontological reasoning across academia and industry. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Roma Tre University, where he also serves as a Postdoctoral Researcher. Davide's research interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence, ontological reasoning, and knowledge graphs. He has been a visiting researcher at École Normale Supérieure and TU Wien, applied research intern at the Central bank of Italy and collaborates with the University of Oxford as an active member of the Joint Knowledge Graph Labs.
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Artistic rendition of a symbolic graph.
Data Science

Accelerating Neurosymbolic AI with RAPIDS and Prometheux Vadalog Parallel

As the scale of available data continues to grow, so does the need for scalable and intelligent data processing systems to swiftly harness useful knowledge.... 11 MIN READ