Hongxu (Danny) Yin

Hongxu (Danny) Yin received his Ph.D. from Princeton University. He is a recipient of the Princeton Yan Huo 94* Graduate Fellowship, Princeton Natural Sciences and Engineering Fellowship, Defense Science & Technology Agency gold medal, and Thomson Asia Pacific Holdings gold medal. His research focuses on efficient and secure deep learning.
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Decorative image of VILA and Jetson Orin workflow.
Generative AI

Visual Language Intelligence and Edge AI 2.0

VILA is a family of high-performance vision language models developed by NVIDIA Research and MIT. The largest model comes with ~40B parameters and the smallest... 8 MIN READ
Decorative image.
Generative AI

Visual Language Models on NVIDIA Hardware with VILA

Visual language models have evolved significantly recently. However, the existing technology typically only supports one single image. They cannot reason among... 11 MIN READ