Chintan Patel

Chintan Patel is a Sr. Product Manager at NVIDIA focused on bringing GPU-accelerated solutions to the HPC community. He leads the management and offering of the HPC application containers on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud registry. Prior to NVIDIA, he held product management, marketing and engineering positions at Micrel, Inc. He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley.

Posts by Chintan Patel

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Simplifying Model Development and Building Models at Scale with PyTorch Lightning and NGC

Learn about the building speech models with PyTorch Lightning on NVIDIA GPU-powered AWS instances managed by the platform. 9 MIN READ
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New on NGC: Latest Versions of NeMo, HPC SDK, DOCA, PyTorch Lightning, and More 

Learn about the latest additions and software updates to the NVIDIA NGC catalog, a hub of GPU-optimized software that simplifies and accelerates workflows. 3 MIN READ
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On-Demand Technical Sessions: Develop and Deploy AI Solutions in the Cloud Using NVIDIA NGC

At GTC '21, experts presented a variety of technical talks to help people new to AI, or those just looking for tools to speed-up their AI development using the… 2 MIN READ
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Building a Question and Answering Service Using Natural Language Processing with NVIDIA NGC and Google Cloud

NVIDIA GTC provides training, insights, and direct access to experts. Join us for breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare… 12 MIN READ
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Deploying a Natural Language Processing Service on a Kubernetes Cluster with Helm Charts from NVIDIA NGC

Conversational AI solutions such as chatbots are now deployed in the data center, on the cloud, and at the edge to deliver lower latency and high quality of… 12 MIN READ
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Docker Compatibility with Singularity for HPC

Bare-metal installations of HPC applications on a shared system require system administrators to build environment modules for 100s of applications which is… 7 MIN READ