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Chen Su is a senior technical product marketing manager at NVIDIA. He is passionate about collaborating with cross-functional teams and growing businesses fueled by IoT, AI, robotics, and edge computing. Bringing clarity and creativity to cutting-edge technology and tools, he drove dynamic messaging and engagements to help global developers and partners achieve faster time to value and outcomes. Prior to that, Chen had 10+ yrs work experience in R D, product management, and pre-sales consulting in industrial automation and enterprise software industries. Chen has a M.Sc. in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Berkeley Haas School of Business.
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Decorative image of green icons on a black screen behind IGX hardware.
Edge Computing

Production-Ready, Enterprise-Grade Software on NVIDIA IGX Platform, Support for NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA, and More

Real-time AI at the edge is crucial for medical, industrial, and scientific computing because these mission-critical applications require immediate data... 6 MIN READ
Decorative image of VILA and Jetson Orin workflow.
Generative AI

Visual Language Intelligence and Edge AI 2.0

VILA is a family of high-performance vision language models developed by NVIDIA Research and MIT. The largest model comes with ~40B parameters and the smallest... 8 MIN READ
Collage of product image plus three use case images.
Edge Computing

Powering Mission-Critical AI at the Edge with NVIDIA AI Enterprise IGX

NVIDIA SDKs have been instrumental in accelerating AI applications across a spectrum of use cases spanning smart cities, medical, and robotics. However,... 6 MIN READ