Caroline Gottlieb

Caroline is a linguist and product manager focused on data strategy for NVIDIA conversational AI products. With roots in linguistic research, community-centered language documentation and revitalization, and healthcare applications of NLP, she brings a cross-disciplinary approach to AI grounded in the idea that it is through the understanding of our greatest technology, language, that we can unlock AI innovation which serves a diverse, global community.
Caroline Gottlieb

Posts by Caroline Gottlieb

Generative AI

Build Enterprise Retrieval-Augmented Generation Apps with NVIDIA Retrieval QA Embedding Model

Large language models (LLMs) are transforming the AI landscape with their profound grasp of human and programming languages. Essential for next-generation... 12 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Unlocking Speech AI Technology for Global Language Users: Top Q&As

Voice-enabled technology is becoming ubiquitous. But many are being left behind by an anglocentric and demographically biased algorithmic world. Mozilla Common... 10 MIN READ