Bruno Trentini

Bruno Trentini is a developer relations manager at NVIDIA, where he leads Global Research Alliances to develop high-performance machine learning for life sciences. Bruno holds a master’s degree in Data Science & Machine Learning from University College London and has over a decade of technical experience working with startups and large enterprises.
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Artistic rendition of a symbolic graph.
Data Science

Accelerating Neurosymbolic AI with RAPIDS and Prometheux Vadalog Parallel

As the scale of available data continues to grow, so does the need for scalable and intelligent data processing systems to swiftly harness useful knowledge.... 11 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Latest Discoveries at the Healthcare & Life Sciences Developer Summit

Humanity has seen major scientific breakthroughs directly related to discoveries that do not share the glamor of the breakthrough they enabled. Sir Alexander... 6 MIN READ