Asawaree Bhide

Asawaree Bhide is a technical marketing engineer at NVIDIA, working on robotics and deep learning applications on the Jetson platform. She did her master’s in computer science at Georgia Tech and is interested in solving complex perception tasks in autonomous navigation for embodied agents.

Posts by Asawaree Bhide

Technical Walkthrough 1

Integrating the Nav2 Stack with NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs

Learn how NVIDIA Isaac Sim and NVIDIA Isaac ROS GEMs can be used with the Nav2 navigation stack for robotic navigation. 7 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 0

Implementing Robotics Applications with ROS 2 and AI on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Deep learning is being adopted in robotics to accurately navigate indoor environments, detect and follow objects of interest, and maneuver without collisions. 9 MIN READ